Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

September 2022 - Nutrition

It is the season of gathering to celebrate the harvest with delicious meals, family and friends. This plant-based menu highlights the bounty of late-season produce by pairing it with warm fall flavours. Dishes include a baked lentil loaf with tomato glaze, served with apple-cranberry-yam stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, pan-roasted brussels sprouts, and sautéed green beans. Everything comes together with mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce.

Serves 8 | Active time: 4 hours

The Menu & Recipes

Lentil loaf with tomato glaze
Apple-cranberry-yam stuffing
Sautéed green beans & Pan-roasted brussels sprouts with vegan parmesan
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry-orange sauce
Mushroom gravy

Prepare the Day Before

  • Make tomato glaze for lentil loaf (Recipe here)
  • Make cranberry-orange sauce (Recipe here)
  • Make mushroom gravy (Recipe here)
  • Prep the lentil loaf: cook lentils, broil pepper, chop/grate veggies and spoon mix into the loaf pan (Full recipe here)
  • Prep green beans, and/or prep Brussels sprouts and cut in half (Full recipes here and here)
  • Peel potatoes for mashed potatoes (keep in water) (Full recipe here)

Prepare on Thanksgiving Day

  • Place cranberry orange sauce at room temperature
  • Make stuffing (Recipe here)
  • Bake lentil loaf
  • Pan-roast Brussels sprouts and/or make green and yellow beans with cherry tomatoes
  • Make mashed potatoes
  • Roast root vegetables (Recipe here)
  • Warm up mushroom gravy

Tips on Keeping Dishes Warm
Because of the large number of dishes, keeping everything warm can be challenging, but using all the burners and the oven will make the job easier.

  • Keep in the oven: roasted root vegetables, stuffing, beans, and loaf (once unmolded)
  • Keep on the burners: mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and mushroom

Elvira has been a vegetarian chef for more than thirty years (vegan for the past five years). Her culinary career includes the ownership of restaurants, cafés, and catering services. She cooked professionally in Germany, Italy, and the USA. In Germany, she co-owned one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Cologne. For years she catered special events and provided meals for a wide variety of retreats. In the USA, she co-owned a popular café in Sedona, Arizona. Learn more about her here.

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