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Collect Fare Points with every shop to earn 15% off. The more you shop, the more you save! Also look for discount days, and special events – featuring programs to help our customers save makes us happy.

Join our Fare Points rewards program and start collecting points for every cent you spend on regularly priced items. What are you going to do with all those points?  Easy, when you reach 50,000 Fare Points ($500 spent in-store on regular priced items) you’ll receive a 15% off Reward Coupon. Use that on a future purchase and you’re basically winning by shopping. Plus, you’ll automatically start earning rewards for the things you already buy like smoothies and juices.

Don’t forget to bring your key tag or share your Fare Points number at checkout and start saving today.

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More Ways To Save

Seniors Day

Wednesdays and Thursdays receive 5% off regularly priced merchandise for those aged 60 and up.