3% Club

get a good thing going

What if you could raise funds for your non-profit organization just by doing your grocery shopping?

Introducing the 3% Club. A program designed to effortlessly raise funds for your not-for-profit organization. Every time an employee, member, or volunteer from your organization shops at Nature’s Fare Markets we donate 3% of the total (before tax) to your non-profit. That can really add up.

Fill out the application below today and we’ll send you a welcome package to help you get started.

How it works

  • Sign up and get started. After you register we send you everything you need to start collecting receipts.
  • Spread the word! We give you the tools to communicate to everyone in your non-profit organization.
  • Track your progress. Encourage and celebrate people’s participation when they bring in their receipts.
  • Total and submit. Three times a year, we’ll send you a reminder email to total and submit the receipts to us (due April, August and December).
  • Within a month we’ll send you a cheque for 3% of your total receipts (before tax), as a tax-free donation!

If you have any questions please contact us at 3%club@naturesfare.com

We look forward to working together to help better our communities.

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