Sustainability at Our Core

And now it’s time to do more.

We started this business over 25 years ago with a belief that a business can be built by doing the right thing—in the healthy, organic food we sell, for the people who work with us, and for the communities we serve. And we’re proud to say that with the unrelenting support and encouragement of our farmers and suppliers, our customers and community, we’ve created a place we’re very proud to call home. That journey hasn’t always been easy—but it never ceased to be worthwhile.

One of our core values has always been sustainability and we’ve done everything we can along the way to leave
as small a footprint as possible.
• We were one of the first companies to offer biodegradable shopping bags.
• When potato-based single-use cutlery became available, we rushed out to get it for our Bistros.
• We’ve always recycled and looked for ways to be energy-efficient.
• We have just become the first and only company in Canada to offer compostable produce bags.
• Our receipts are printed on BPA and BPS free paper.
• And, of course, we’ve always supported local, organic farmers first—champions of superior soil quality in which our food grows.

And now it’s time to do more. We know our climate has reached a tipping point; our family wants to make sure we are doing everything we can—our very best—for our family and yours, and for our planet. This is challenging work—and frustrating. We often identify an action—like using compostable packaging and industrial composting—only to discover that the best options aren’t readily available in Canada or they are prohibitively expensive, or that our regional area doesn’t offer the industrial composting services that we need. But there’s so much we can do. So, we wanted you to know about our commitment to sustainability, to report back to you about what we have done and plan to do. To be successful, we need your help and your partnership. So, on behalf of all of us here at Nature’s Fare Markets, we invite you to join us in our sustainability journey.

Our Sustainable Scorecard

✔  We sell 100% organic produce, non-GMO, free-run/-range animal products,
safe personal care products, high quality vitamins and supplements.
✔  Support local, organic farmers who improve soil quality and
minimize impact on local ecosystems.
✔  Install LED lighting in all stores.
✔  Support communities with cash and in-kind donations.
✔  Use Sustainable Forest Initiative-approved recycled paper, and soy-based inks and dyes in printed materials.
✔  Be a proud partner of the Certified Organic Association of BC.
✔  Hire independent consultants to conduct sustainability audits and complete the GreenStep process.
✔  Create Green Team sustainability committee.
✔  Donate food scraps to local farmers to use for feed and compost.

Reducing Packaging and Paper Use

✔ Reduce single-use deli packaging and bags by 10%.
✔ Reduce paper and ink 30% by reducing community newspaper flyer program.
✔ Offer an online digital flyer.
✔ Initiate bring-your-own cup program.
✔ 1st company in Canada to offer compostable produce bags.

Sustainable Certification and Awards

✔ Achieve GreenStep Fast Track to Sustainability certification.
✔ Achieve Climate Smart certification.


We’re humbled to receive support from our communities to build a responsible and sustainable business that helps leave our home better than we found it.

Supporting Local Farmers

We all know that organic produce tastes better and provides greater health benefits, but organic farming is also better for our planet. With organic produce, only naturally sourced fertilizers used eliminating the need for chemical pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. And unlike conventional, which is leading to soil degradation and water pollution, organic farming improves soil quality and minimizes impact on local ecosystems.

Meet our Farmers

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