Vegan Mushroom-Thyme Gravy

September 2022 - Special Diets

Vegan Mushroom-Thyme Gravy

Note: To separate thyme leaves from their stems, run your fingers downward along each stem, against the leaves’ growth.

  1. To clean mushrooms without soaking them (as they will absorb water and won’t brown nicely), place them in the bottom of a clean sink, toss them with a bit of flour, then run some water over them (the flour helps to remove the sand/soil, and not as much water is needed). If using shiitakes and creminis, slice them; for oyster mushrooms, slice the stems thin, and cut the caps in half or in quarters according to size.
  2. Sauté mushrooms in 3 Tablespoons olive oil over medium-high heat until brown and crispy. If you’re using more than one kind, sauté separately, as they all have different cooking times (about 5 minutes for cremini and white buttons, 8 for oysters, and 12 minutes for shiitakes). Sauté sliced oyster mushroom stems separately or in one corner of the pan for about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  3. Sauté onions in a separate pan over medium heat in ½ Tablespoon olive oil until translucent. Add thyme leaves for the last 1 to 2 minutes. Add to mushrooms.
  4. In a medium pot over medium-low heat, melt butter with 2 Tablespoons oil; add the flour. Cook stirring, for a couple of minutes. Warm up vegetable broth and stir in bit by bit, waiting until the broth is incorporated before adding more. This will assure a smooth, lump-free sauce. Simmer for a couple of minutes to cook out the raw flour taste.
  5. Stir in the sautéed mushrooms, onions, and season with vegan Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Simmer for a couple of minutes. Taste, and adjust seasoning if needed.

Note: Mushroom gravy flavor will improve overnight. Add some more vegetable broth if too thick, especially in the gluten-free version.

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