Our Products

Where only the best will do

We handpick only the best products with the same care and attention to detail we would for our own families. So if it’s on our shelves, you know that we have spent a lot of time and energy ensuring that it deserves to be in your home.

That’s why we choose organic, natural, and non-GMO products that are made with love from local farmers and artisans, before anything else. We see the direct connection between how our food is raised and prepared and how it tastes. And that’s why we love what we do.


100% Certified Organic Produce

Our produce is always certified organic and we choose local farmers when in season.

Supporting kind farmers

We only choose ethically raised animals with no medications, hormones, fillers, or MSG. And our dairy is organic first and grass fed when possible.

Free Range

Our animals are free to roam outdoors, allowing unrestricted access to fresh air, and natural sunlight.

Free Run

Our animals live in open concept barns protected from predators, disease and weather so they can roam freely, exercise, socialize, while engaging in all their natural behaviours.

Strive for No GMOs

Our commitment to organic and knowing where our food comes from means we do not support the use of genetically modified organisms.

Gluten Free made easy

We offer a wide variety of gluten free options and even make finding them easier in the store with our green shelf labels.

We love to buy local

Our goal is to support local vendors whenever possible. We are committed to finding products that are locally grown, made, or produced. We task our team with finding local organic farmers to partner with and are always on the look out for locally made items that we can add to our grocery, bakery, dairy and Bistros.

Certified Organic

We handpick only organic first because we believe in the benefits of organic farming and its production methods. Organic produce items are farmed without using any chemical or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. So yes, that means organic farming is way more work without all those chemicals to control weeds and pests so our farmers spend more time tending to their crops. And you can taste that extra love in every bite. The good news is that organic farming is easier on the environment as it does not contribute to soil degradation, eurotrophication and dead zones, or the destruction of sensitive ecosystems. That’s a win for every thing carry and make in our stores.

Vitamins & Supplements

We search for locally produced, innovative supplement companies that will enrich our already extensive vitamin department. When it comes to vitamins and supplements we only carry the best and we don’t carry products that have synthetics, fillers, and or additives.

Personal Care

We always source products that are safe for our bodies. Our personal care items are natural and organic and are never tested on animals and never include: Phthalates, Petroleum, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lead, Mercury, Mineral Oil, and Triclosan.

Say hi to our awesome partners

We are blessed to work with partners that share our vision for a better planet.