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June 2016 - Active Lifestyle

Many of you have your goals and what drives you to get your butt out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. For me, many days it’s seeing the drive and passion of my oldest McCarthy. This little man wants so badly to be a runner and master the art of a quick and powerful stride. I find it so fascinating that at this young age he already is committed to the work, the process, and not giving up because Lewis beats him every week at sprints on the playground (Lewis is one of his favourite pre-school buddies.) One of the best things about his goal to become the worlds fastest runner, is the moments we share together. I will admit there are moments when I want to tell him Mommy just needs time in the gym (garage) alone to pound it out and make peace with her mom stress. But I never regret the early mornings we share together sweating it out, talking out pre-school life situations and learning new things about each other. He may forget the first morning we did sprints across the parking lot together, but I won’t! I will always remember that morning I wanted to give up so badly. I wanted to cut the workout short, go make coffee and applaud myself for completing the 20 minutes of weight training in the garage that morning. McCarthy, kept asking me over and over again to please work on sprints ! He promised it would be fun and he would give me a head start;) That morning we completed 20 minutes of sprints in between laughing and teasing one another along the way. I will forever hold that morning close to my heart. He ignored my sweat, my tired eyes, my bad attitude and just believed I could achieve a little more in my workout.  I believe 100% in the power of personal training and coaches! But I also believe sometimes the greatest coaching comes in the simplest form. Maybe they talk to much, or ask us too many questions, but what happens in those moments of working through the emotion, pushing past the barriers and seeing someone truly believe in the power of who we are is a feeling no one can duplicate.  One day I hope to be as powerful of a coach as the 5 year old I share the gym with. I will teach people to walk through their physical puddles and smile with genuine joy on the other side.

McCarthy, you are Mommy’s greatest inspiration!


Our current circuit:

15 reps each exercise:

20 minutes non stop (He takes breaks whenever he wants:)

90 seconds of sprints after each completion of circuit.

  • Lateral shoulder raise
  • Bicep curl
  • Push-Ups
  • Back-Row


Lateral Shoulder Raise:

edit-0237 (1)

Bicep Curls:








Photography By: Abbie Rose 

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