Jillian Harris’s Tips to Transition into a Plant Based Diet

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There are all types of diets out there and tons of different kinds of eaters. As I learn more about becoming plant-based I have come to realize that it’s not as much about putting a label on “what I am” … but instead to care about and be aware of what I’m putting into my body and how my choices affect the environment and living beings. If you are surprised that I am a plant based, girl check out my  first “coming out” blog here … and learn about why I made this choice in the first place ….

I am still learning and experimenting to find what I personally like as alternatives to meat and dairy products, and while our household has eliminated 90% of our animal products, I don’t define myself as vegan (or even Vegan-ish because I’ve realized that term is VERY VERY sacred lol)

As usual, I like to put a little disclaimer out there saying that “I am not telling you or suggesting you do the same as me … these are only my opinions and what I’ve been learning along the way”!!! BUT, in the last year, I have done my farm visits, I have read some books, watched many documentaries and through the internet have seen A LOT of horrible things that I had NO idea were going on in the food industry. What I hope to achieve from this blog, is a desire for you, my readers, to learn more and educate yourselves on what works for you, the animals AND the environment, resulting in making you feel great and hopefully changing factory farm standards and reversing some of the disastrous environmental issues that are occurring as a result of this industry.

(ps these blogs scare me so much because this is SUCH a controversial topic, so please be kind with your rebuttals if you have any!)

Jillian Harris's Tips to Transition into a More Plant Based Diet

The transition to going plant-based isn’t easy and at times I feel like the odd man out, it’s by far the biggest sacrifice I’ve ever made in my life but one that I am SO proud of. Some days I feel like yelling “LOOK MA! NO MEAT” hahah!! Every day I make new and exciting choices and find alternatives that I am proud of. Last night I turned my FAVOURITE bolognese into a vegan version and even made an amazing vegan version of Justin’s Cesar salad dressing! We both LOVED it and I was beaming all night!! (recipe below)

Another prime example … on the weekly drive from Kelowna to Vancouver I get FAMISHED about half way. The smart me would have packed a lunch but “sorry I’m busy!” … I found myself driving past Mc. Dicks… A&W … and remembering the taste of a salty greasy cheeseburger … Instead – I challenge myself to stop at Booster Juice, asked them to make me a vegan grilled wrap, and a banana coconut smoothie with vegan protein. Afterwards, I feel great for SO many reasons. My body is full with good fuel for me and babe, I’m eating all plants and no animals were needed for my relish meal. And guess what … I’m full!

Ok so … if you can’t give up meat or simply don’t want to … that’s ok too!! I’ve learned in my many rants that not everyone is where I am at and accepting that has been a challenge. Everyone also has different perspectives on the topic. I still don’t like the idea of ANY animal dying for me, no matter how ‘humane’. People close to me still say “that’s what they are there for” … (WAHHH NOOO LOL) I want to guide everyone down my path but I know that’s not realistic.

Jillian Harris's Tips to Transition into a More Plant Based Diet

So, if you want to make SOME changes … Here are 5 of my SIMPLE tips to transitioning into a more plant based diet:

1. Eat LESS animal products at a higher quality. Nature’s Fare is a great place to find this type of meat … they do the research for you and only carry companies that meet a high level of standards. They only choose ethically raised animals with no medications, hormones, fillers, or MSG. And the dairy is organic first and grass fed when possible. So IF you are still needing meat & dairy in your diet … this is the kind you want to be eating. You are what you eat and a healthy happy animal is ultimately better for YOU in the end.

2. WASTE LESS. Right before this journey I signed up for a course to make my own cheese. It was on my bucket list and I was SOOOO excited. I’ve always wanted to live in the pioneer days and couldn’t WAIT…. but to be honest the process sickened me. I realized it took 8 litres of milk to make a few measly handfuls of cheese. I kept thinking about HOW much milk it took to make cheese and all the cheese I had wasted in my life. A mama that has to give up her babe for that cheese. A mama that has to unnaturally milk for years for that cheese. I made a vow then, to never waste animal products again. No cheese, no egg, no steak … throwing away animal product has got to be the most disrespectful thing of them all. If your gonna kill it, eat it. (I’m getting rant here … sorry!)

3. TRY PLANT BASED. Especially when eating out there are always ways to modify a sub, wrap, dish to make it plant based. Instead of making a meal around the “meat” try making a meal around the “plants” … vegetables SHOULD be the most important part of the meal!!! You will be surprised what a little rice, beans & salsa or hot sauce will do to a dish! I thought I could never live without bacon and cheese but I am very alive and feeling AMAZING!!

4. Find AFFORDABLE SUBSTITIONS! Almond Milk, Soy Milk (which has gotten a bad name but after consulting with dietitians and my doctor, it is totally healthy in moderation like any food!) peanut butter, soy protein powder, coconut milk yogurt, veggie ground instead of ground beef or mushrooms instead of meat. The list goes on and on, there are tons of great substitutions!

5. SNACKS & NUTS … snacking is very important when you are transitioning into a more plant based diet. It might be harder for some to get used to not eating as much protein which is where nuts come in. Nuts, lentils and beans will be a great place to start to fill that protein void that you might feel like you’re missing when reducing your meat consumption. After my last visit to Nature’s Fare I fully stocked up on a ton of different snack options that I’ve never tried before. Some of my favourites were Lentil Snaps, Kale Chips (I know you can make these at home, but I never get around to it), nuts and of course …. local fruits and veggies!!! All of these keep me going throughout the day and stomp any meat or protein cravings that might pop up …

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Photo and article from Jillian Harris.

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