Holiday Entertaining

December 2019 - Nutrition

Four Tips for a Stress-free Season

Holiday Entertaining

No-cook appetizers will be your new best friend.
Put together beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards instead of fussing over baked hors d’oeuvres. They’re delicious and can be assembled in minutes on pretty wooden, slate, or marble cutting boards. Include an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, olives, crackers, grapes, spiced nuts, and spreads. At Nature’s Fare Markets we pride ourselves on our 100% certified organic produce, free range, free run, gluten-free options, and buying local!

Whether you need help prepping some food, cleaning up the yard, scrubbing the bathrooms, or making a playlist, ask your spouse or child to pitch in so you aren’t doing it all.

Self-serve cocktails.
Forget trying to please everyone by stocking a bar with endless supplies for each individual’s favourite drink. Decide on one or two festive picks (like Moscow mules, spiked apple cider, or a couple of good bottles of BC wine) to prep ahead, and let guests serve themselves from the punch bowl or straight from the bottle.

Stop being a perfectionist!
Rather than focusing on shortcomings, think about what you can realistically handle this season and write it down. If you can host a dinner but don’t have time to whip up homemade desserts, there’s no shame in swinging by your favourite bakery, or grabbing some healthy baked treats from our bistro! 

BAILEY CAMPBELL I’ve always been the “healthy friend” who gets made fun of for eating foods that are hard to pronounce. I love creating recipes that fuel my body and make me feel good! I live a very balanced lifestyle and like to think I’m living my best life. I use my Instagram account to try and inspire people to live their best/healthiest lives too. @basicwithbails

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