Chilled to the bone? Eat this

September 2018 - Nutrition

In an earlier article, we discussed the importance of eating in season and how the biochemistry of foods affects our body temperature, mood and energy levels. So if you are doubling up your socks and sweaters, it might be time to make some dietary tweaks in line with the season’s change.

“We forget to change our diet in the fall because it’s hot one day, and cold the next. But most people’s constitutions cannot tolerate the cooling effects of raw foods when the temperatures outside are dropping,” says Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Lisa Kilgour.

Kilgour explains starchy cooked root vegetables like squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes will help warm us up because they are carbohydrate-rich and take longer to digest. “Starchy foods create heat in the body and also support an uplifted mood by shifting serotonin and dopamine from your gut to your brain.”

Speaking of feeling happy Kilgour says if we want bread or potatoes – we should eat bread or potatoes. Deprivation and a willpower centric diet often lead to overindulgence instead of the enjoyment of a variety of foods in moderation.

“If you are craving sugar mid-afternoon it’s probably because you’ve had a blood sugar crash, and an apple might balance you, but you want a cookie. Food is either friend or foe, so it’s important to get to know your body’s cravings language. Don’t eat a salad on a cold day for lunch because you think you should, take a moment to consider what your body wants and needs.”

Hot eats for cool days

So if you need insulating food, pop by our Apple Bistros for a bite. In-house Chef Nick Johnston says the Butter Chicken or Roasted Tomatoe Basil Bisque will warm you up on a cool day.

Just thinking of all this good eating as a radical act of self-generosity warms us up.

Happy fall ya’ll!

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