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April 2022 - Nutrition

Who doesn’t love a good brunch get-together? Whether it’s for a special holiday or just “cheers” to the weekend, a board is sure to impress. One of the great things about a board is that it can be sized up or down for any number of people and adjusted to allow for any dietary preferences. It can require very little cooking; it’s mostly a buy-and-assemble thing. Here, we have gathered mostly pre-made items paired with fresh fruit and bacon.

Follow this format for a winning board

This is a great time to showcase your nicest serving and display dishes. And don’t forget spreaders, spoons, and napkins.

When building the board always start with the star of the show, or largest items first. In this case we went with waffles. Then we placed the bowls of spreads and syrups. Lastly, we filled in the spaces with fresh fruits, granola and remaining items.

  1. Protein. Classic items like eggs, bacon, sausage, sliced ham, or any plant-based alternatives are great options.

    We used:
    • Bistro Egg Bites
    • Nature’s Finest Bacon
    • McLean Meats Country Maple Breakfast Sausages
  2. Bread. Try waffles, pancakes, bagels or biscuits.

    We used:
    • True Taste Cafe “Buttery” Grain Free Waffles
    • Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten Free Bagels
  3. Something sweet. Choose various pastries or baked goods.

    We used:
    • Bistro Coffee Break Muffins
  4. Toppings. Think syrups, spreads, jams, and nut butters.

    We used:
    • Everland Organic Maple Syrup
    • Spread’em Chives & Garlic Cream Cheeze
  5. Fresh fruit. Organic, of course!

    We used:
    • organic strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  6. Something extra. Yogurt with toppings like granola, nuts or seeds. There are so many amazing plant-based yogurt choices too.

    We used:
    • Maison Riviera Vegan Delight Raspberry and Blackcurrant
    • GluteNull Quinoa Granola

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