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December 2017 - Natural Home

When I think natural makeup I typically think summer, hot days, light powder, and minimal coverage. Well, I can’t wait to tell you why those assumptions are simply not true. I will touch on four products I have been using this season and how they have benefited not only my skin but also why I prefer natural products over department store brands.

Foundations and pressed powders are typically the hardest pieces to choose correctly because they must match our skin colour—otherwise we are simply brought back to those first few years of adolescence when our face never seemed to match our necks. Colour matching is key! I took a look at a few natural brands and tested them a little on my cheek to see what was matching and what definitely was not. I ended up choosing the Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige and the Zuzu Luxe powder in Medium.

For wintertime and the holidays I like a little extra coverage on my face since my summer glow is gone. I do not like the feeling of being bare. I am used to heavier foundations from MAC so I was overly excited when my Gabriel foundation had amazing and full coverage. Shaking the bottle each morning before use (something I was not used to, but a great tip!) helped with a more even application of the product. A few quick brushes of the Zuzu powder and my face was complete!

I also love using colour in the winter! On my lips and cheeks, colour is always a go-to trend. A typical colour choice such as deep red or purple adds a great pop and can do no wrong. The Gabriel line has some incredible blush colour options like this I wear called Rose. It has great pigment so only a little is needed. With all natural ingredients I have noticed my cheeks have been totally fine, whereas at times they could get irritated and break out in blemishes. My skin feels much healthier even with the full coverage makeup I have been applying.

For my lips I chose to play around with the Zuzu lipstick colours and ended up falling in love with the colour Siren. It is gorgeous! A deep red with a shimmering gold tinge makes for the perfect holiday lip colour. Cocktail parties, family photos, or just a great lip colour for any outfit, Siren is my choice for the season. I have found I need to re-apply after eating, and sparingly throughout the day. I am so happy I found this brand of lipstick to add to my collection. The best part is my lips are never dried out!

If you were ever considering turning to natural makeup, I would give you two thumbs up. For a first timer like myself, starting small and working your way in is the way to go. Having clean, clear, healthy skin is super important to me (as I am sure it is to most women!) and these products help! Compared to my 15 years of using department store brands, I have quickly found some replacements for a healthier feel, and life. Remember to always test the products out on your own skin at the store, dab a little on the back of your hand, or as I like, use your cheek to ensure the correct colour match!

Stesha Jordan Puckett is a lover of style, beauty, and all things photography. She started her blog, Classic & Bubbly, in June of 2011, where she uses her love and talents of photography and writing to explore topics like personal style, beauty tips and tricks, and her family life.

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