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June 2018 - Natural Home

There seems to be so much talk about deodorant these days. Is it good for you? What kinds of chemicals are in it? Why is the deodorant leaving stains on my white tees? Most importantly—and the question I will be answering today—does natural deodorant actually work?!

I have been testing highly rated natural deodorants for the last two months. From casual days around the house to high-energy workout classes, I put these deodorants to the test! I selected four very different forms of deodorants to try, and found the pros and cons that come with each.

Natural Deodorants
Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Formula in Geranium Flower was the first deodorant I put to the test and it was my absolute favourite! The floral smell was a little heavy at first, however after my workouts I could still smell the floral scent which was way better than smelling sweaty! The texture was a little thicker than the drugstore brands I used to use, but that didn’t affect the way it applied. I loved applying it first thing in the morning and having it last all day long.

I also really liked Jásön Dry Spray Deodorant in Fresh Cucumber. This was the first time I had used a spray deodorant and once I figured out you have to press hard to break the new bottle safety latch, it worked a lot easier! I loved the light fresh feel and smell of the spray; it reminds me of summer mornings. I did find after a workout or anything that caused extreme sweating, reapplication was needed, so I carried the bottle around in my bag with me.

When I choose items to put on my body I typically prefer the sensitive skin formulas, especially when applying to parts of my body where razor burn can form. Underarms are always an extremely sensitive area for me so when I found The Curator from routine. I was immediately attracted to it. The baking soda-free product worked great and didn’t irritate my underarm area at all! However, for this reason it does need to be reapplied often. Since this product comes in a jar form your fingers are used for the application process. When reapplication is needed I found it better to clean the underarm area prior to reapplication, which makes it a bit more difficult to apply on the run.

The final deodorant I wanted to share with you is Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant in Unscented. This specific product reminds me most of drugstore deodorant brands. It is in a traditional stick form and glides on smoothly; even though it says unscented I can smell a little touch of lemon! I did find this deodorant needed reapplication even though the branding says 24 hour odour control. I’m not sure if I’m an excessive sweater or if I’m not used to the different textures just yet, but with the traditional glide-on applicator it was no issue to reapply.

I am so happy I have exposed myself to natural deodorant. I actually went through and tossed out all the previous brands I used and am looking forward to keeping with the natural care! I can tell the toxins have been sweated out of my body and my underarm skin feels healthier than ever. To answer the big question, yes natural deodorant does work, once you learn how to use it!

Stesha Jordan Puckett is a lover of style, beauty, and all things photography. She started her blog, Classic & Bubbly, in June of 2011, where she uses her love and talents of photography and writing to explore topics like personal style, beauty tips and tricks, and her family life.

Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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