Wellness Hacks for Littles

November 2022 - Health & Wellness

Cold and flu season is upon us, and even with the best preventions in place, your little one is bound to catch a bug. If your child is six or under, traditional medicine isn’t always the best option for them and finding relief for their symptoms can be a challenge. Luckily there are many natural solutions that offer safe and proven treatment to help prevent and treat those nasty germs.


At any age, prevention plays a big role in our overall wellness and ability to fight off illness, and children are no different.

Water breaks are just as important during the winter months as they are in the summer. Keeping kids hydrated helps with the elimination of toxins and waste.
How much should kids
drink each day?
Ages 1–3 4 cups
Ages 4–8 5 cups
Ages 8+ 7–8 cups

Sleep plays a major role in supporting a healthy immune system. Maintaining bedtime routines and getting adequate sleep is important.

Limit Sugar
Sugar directly impacts our immune system by triggering an inflammation response in the body that weakens our immune defences.

Support Healthy Gut
While the gut biome in children is still developing, it is important to support it with whole foods that are fibre-rich and low in sugar. Also include fermented foods like kefir and yogurt, and try supplementing with an age-appropriate probiotic or a product like organic gut superfoods+ for kids by Genuine Health.

Get Outside
Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for wellness. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Supporting healthy diets with key nutritional supplements is a great way to stay healthy.

  • Vitamin D3
  • Probiotic
  • Omega-3
  • Elderberry syrup
  • Multivitamin (when age-appropriate)
Help them feel better

Cough & Congestion
Homeopathic remedies are your best option for young children; they are safe, effective and able to be used by infants and toddlers.

• Coryzalia by Boiron for nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing
• Day and night syrups from Homeocan for cough, cold and flu-like symptoms including fever
• Stodal by Boiron for dry and wet coughs
• Elderberry syrup is proven to reduce the duration of the symptom.

Humidifiers, nasal suctions (AKA “snot suckers”) and menthol chest rubs are also highly recommended.

Sometimes a good sleep is hard to achieve. First try adjusting their environment by limited electronic devices and dimming lights an hour before bed, keeping their room cool and dark and introducing music or white noise. Second, add some additional support.

• Natural Calm for Kids is a magnesium powder that helps relaxation and sleep.
• Quietude by Boiron is great for mild sleeping disorders (nightmares, night terrors, occasional sleeplessness), irritability and restlessness associated with nervousness.
• Chamomile tea at bedtime helps with relaxation.
• Melatonin can be used on children over the age of three at a low dose of 1 mg.
• Lavender oil can be added to a child-safe diffuser.

Upset Stomach
Stomach aches and upset bellies in toddlers can be common and caused by many things, and it can be hard to determine what it is unless there are obvious signs such as constipation or vomiting.
Stomach aches

• Try applying a warm compress to the belly along with a gentle abdominal massage in a clockwise direction.
• Sip warm fluids like chamomile, peppermint or ginger tea.
Vomiting or diarrhea
• Keep them hydrated and incorporate electrolytes if needed.
• Sip on warm fluids like bone broth to keep nutrition up.
• If your child is eating solid foods try adding prunes, chia seeds, and fibre-rich fruits and veggies.
• For occasional constipation relief, food-grade aloe vera gel can help induce a bowel movement.
• Supplement with an age-appropriate probiotic.

You know your child best and extra TLC can go a long way in helping them feel better. Natural remedies can work wonders but if symptoms persist or change, it is always recommended to seek advice from your family medical professional and use caution when introducing new products to children. 

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