Product Talk with Roland – Top Trends for 2016

March 2016 - Health & Wellness

We know that some ideas come and go-like bell-bottom pants and shag carpeting. Others become trends as more and more people embrace them. They stick because they make sense, and contribute positively to our lives.

From the day we started Nature’s Fare over 20 years ago-and joined the growing healthier-food trend-we’ve been proud to handpick the best possible organic and natural foods, and vitamins and supplements for our customers.

Our Director of Purchasing & Vendor Relations, Roland Siegmund, whose job is to choose every single product in our stores, says that it wasn’t always easy finding enough products that meet our strict criteria.

“Back then we often had a hard time finding ‘clean’ goods, like sports nutrition products without aspartame. Now, there’s so much available and so much demand that even the multi-nationals are listening.”

To ensure a consistently high quality over the years, Roland has developed a strict ingredient standards list, created strong relationships with local farmers and suppliers, and insists that every product is carefully scrutinized and evaluated.

“I don’t think any company does a better job of screening for whole food products without refined ingredients, higher quality fats and oil, and organic and non-GMO where possible. We always look for the best value product for the best price-and our customers appreciate that everything is pre-screened for them.”

This rigour makes sense to Roland, who’s always gravitated toward healthy food, influenced by his mum who made everything from scratch-including whole grain bread. When a personal health crisis became the catalyst for ‘major changes’ in his diet and lifestyle, Roland was inspired to open his own health food store. And so in 1995, with an intention to learn about the business, he applied for a job stocking shelves at Nature’s Fare Markets. He worked hard, quickly became a buyer, and because he found far more than he expected, decided to stay.

“I found people looking for the truth about food…genuine people into the lifestyle, who walked the talk and that appealed to me.”

As it does to more and more people every day. In fact the Canada Organic Trade Association notes in their recent Canada’s Organic Market: Growth, Trends and Opportunities report, that the market for certified organic food and beverages has tripled since 2006. More than half of Canadians-and 66% of BC consumers-buy organic products every week and, according to the Organic World Trade Association, there are now about 1.8 million certified organic producers worldwide.

These numbers tell us that health food is beyond a trend…for more and more of us it’s a way of life.

Hot Food Trends worth trying

As Director of Purchasing & Vendor Relations at Nature’s Fare Markets, Roland is on the front line of food trends. He’ll be sharing his top picks throughout the year in our Product Talk series.

  1. Grass-fed Meat and Dairy: grass-fed is better for the animals, and better for you too!
  2. Whole Fats and Unprocessed Oils: healthy fats are good for you and essential part of a healthy diet. Read the article The Big Fat Truth on page 6 to learn more.
  3. Sea Vegetables: thyroid-supporting and rich in iodine.
  4. High Fibre and Whole Grains: especially good for a healthy heart and digestive system.
  5. Fermented Foods and Supplements: these foods support healthy digestion and have so many other benefits too.
  6. Legume Pasta: gives a protein punch for a long-lasting full feeling!
  7. Fresh-Pressed Juice: full of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.
  8. Natural Meal Replacement Powders and Supplements: concentrated raw, whole foods that are ready-to-drink and give you lasting energy to keep you going all day.
  9. Hemp: find it as seed, flour, milk, or in supplement form-a great vegan source of omega 3 and 6.
  10. NutritiousSweet and Savoury Snacks: so many options with a healthy kick are available.
  11. Vitamins C and D: new ways to benefit skin, bone, and heart health.
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