Junk-Free January
Week 3 – Get Out, Get Moving

January 2018 - Health & Wellness

Now that you’re on a roll (full of nuts and seeds, of course!), let’s make a couple of lifestyle changes to support your clean eating habits.

  • Get out, get moving. Walk around the block during your break, work to and from – every part way – to work, or go for a walk every night after dinner. Hug a tree and breathe deeply while you’re at it.
  • Calm your circadian rhythms. Light from our devices triggers the photoreceptors in our retinas, and tells our brains to wake up. If you want to sleep better, power down by 9 pm.
  • Keep your hands busy. In the evening, instead of reaching for the chip bowl, do a crossword puzzle, knit a hat, brush the kitty – or re-organize the junk drawer.


Don’t forget: Drink more water! Add a slice of zingy citrus for vitamin C flavour flash.

Nature’s Fare Nutritionists Lisa and Angela are here to guide you through a program that cleans up your diet and lifestyle habits, and puts you on the right track for a healthier, more energized year. Learn more about their full Junk-Free January plan.

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