One Ingredient Sorbet Kids Can Make

July 2022 - Family Wellness

Did you ever make ice cream in a bag as a child? It’s such a classic kid activity! In case this is news to you, the process basically involves two zipclose bags—a smaller one filled with cream and sugar and a larger one filled with ice, water and rock salt. The smaller sealed bag goes into the larger one, which gets sealed up too, then shake, shake, shake until you have ice cream! It’s a super fun edible science project that kids love. The really fun part? Ice cream isn’t the only frozen treat that can be made this way. You can also make the most delicious and easy sorbet using the same method but using fruit juice or purée instead—which means the flavour options are endless!

Make It

We’ve used reusable silicone zipclose bags but any pair of leak-proof containers will work as long as one fits inside the other with some space to spare. For safety purposes, you may want to avoid anything made of glass.


• one big and one small container

• 1 cup cold fruit juice or purée

• 2 cups ice

• 1 cup water

• 1 cup rock salt

• gloves or oven mitts (optional)

• sorbet toppings (fresh fruit, coconut sprinkles, chocolate shavings etc.)


STEP 1 Pour fruit juice or purée into the smaller container. Close or seal it well.

STEP 2 Pour ice, water and rock salt into the larger container (this acts as the ‘freezer’).

STEP 3 Put the smaller container of fruit juice or purée into the larger container. Close or seal it well.

STEP 4 Depending on the type of container, gently shake, roll, squish, or massage until the fruit juice or purée firms up. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the weather and temperature of the ingredients. A pair of gloves or oven mitts might come in handy here—the container can become quite cold for little hands!

STEP 5 When the sorbet has reached your desired consistency, open both vessels and transfer the frozen sorbet into a serving bowl. Add your choice of toppings and enjoy immediately!

Science lesson

  • states of matter
  • physical changes vs chemical changes
  • freezing point and freezing point despression
  • solutions and solutes

Start with cold juice or purée—it’ll freeze faster! Add more ice, salt and water if needed. Set up a DIY sorbet bar at your next gathering or party! Blend up frozen fruit with a little water or juice for quicker results. If it’s warm outside, sorbet may not freeze well… try making it inside instead. Make sherbert—just add a small glug of cream to your fruit purée.

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