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November 2016 - Family Wellness

Oh Winter. It’s the coziest time of year! Time to pull out the wool socks, down coats, plush blankets and cocoa, and oh ya…..the cold and flu remedies.

As a Mom, when I start planning ahead for winter I have to admit I get a little anxious. For one it’s one of the busiest times for both my husband and I (career wise), never mind all the holiday events, parties and concerts that typically keep us parents extra busy. But it’s also the time when I can almost guarantee that one of my kids (or I) will become ill at the most inopportune time. It’s practically a given. When my kids were little I quickly learned that when they caught a cold it would almost always end up with a severe chest cold. Some lasting 3 to 4 weeks. Antibiotics were always the inevitable, and at times puffers had to be prescribed to push thru whatever was still lingering. Personally, I hate taking antibiotics (or any form of pills for that matter) and my kids are now no different. What has evolved though is my Mom spidy skills to when to cold and flu season is about to hit our home and alternative remedies that are kicking these nasty virus’ butts! No antibiotics or puffers required.

Check out our alternative remedies for the whole family to help fight the common cold and flu virus’ as well as some preventive and wellness tips!

  1. Sambu Guard, by Dr. Dunner (with wild grown Elderberry, Echinacea, and Vitamin C) – At the first sign of a cold take 5-6 tablespoons throughout the day with water. Much like oil of oregano you can keep this in your mouth (under your tongue) for a few seconds and then swallow with water. This liquid has tremendous natural fighting power against upper respiratory tract infections. This liquid alone has prevented us on numerous occasions from filling an antibiotic and/or antibiotic inhaler prescription.
  1. BigFriends Chewable Vitamin C (Tangy Orange), by Natural Factors – Ok, I’m going to admit here that these are clearly for kids…BUT, I take them too. Years ago after seeing our dentist I swore I would never buy chewable vitamin c tablets anymore. But, these powerful and kid approved chewables are both gluten and sugar free! Our kids have these daily with breakfast and dinner. When officially sick, our kids have these almost every couple of hours. Vitamin C helps battle the common cold (including that drippy and stuffy nose) quickly! Plus, our kids love the taste! Recommended Age: 2 years to Adult.
  1. Echinaforce Junior, Cold & Flu, by A.Vogel – Full of powerful Echinacea (400mg per tablet), kids can take this chewable 1x per day during cold and flu season as a preventive This is a must have in our home with all the bugs flying around school during the winter months. Already hit with the cold? No worries, have your kids take 2 or 3 each day (as recommended depending on age).
  1. Epsom Salts – Who doesn’t love a good bath! When cold and flu season hits our homes, a hot bath with Epsom salts before bed is a ritual. Epsom salts can do wonders. Did you know Epsom salts eliminate toxins from the body, can help relieve constipation, they can help muscles and nerves functions properly, and can ease stress and relaxes the body.
  1. Marshmallow Tea – No it’s not the treat. It’s a delicious herb with amazing medicinal benefits. It’s most commonly used for sore throats and dry coughs. The tea contains antibacterial properties which has a soothing effect when prepared as tea. Tastes similar to camomile, and with a little added honey the kids love it!

Do you have some favourite natural products you love to use during cold and flu season? If so, we would love to hear from you. Leave us your fave product for us to try below!

Xx, Natalie Grant (Founder + Creative Director of BOOMBALOO).

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