Back to School Rules

August 2018 - Family Wellness

Welcome back to school! As you stock up on supplies and new clothes don’t forget to stock up on the essentials needed to keep your family healthy and prepared to fight off germs, as well as build a healthier diet to help maintain focus and sustained energy for the school day. Here is our back to basics checklist to help kick off the school year right!

Food Fuel
Food is the best way to maintain energy levels, balance mood, and boost immunity…but getting kids to eat well can be a bit of a challenge at times. If you follow some of these basic rules then you are well on your way to building a healthier meal.

Whole foods for the win
It’s important to limit high carb/high sugar meals as they can lead to energy lows and mood swings all day. Instead, focus on a good source of protein, whole grains, and organic fruits and veggies. Juice packs and sugary drinks can cause a dip in energy. Instead, send water or dilute 100% fruit juice with water.

Cut it out
Become a label reader to avoid ingredients such as dyes and artificial sweeteners including sugar alcohols, preservatives, and artificial flavours. Also, avoid items with ‘enriched’ in the ingredient list as it can often be a poor source of nutrition.

Trick them
Keeping meals interesting and fun is key to keeping your littles excited to eat healthily. Try cutting foods into fun shapes with cookie cutters, use colourful containers, and get them involved in the kitchen. Check out our Back to School recipe section online at

Simple Supplements
Let’s face it, diet isn’t enough to provide all of the essential nutrition needed to keep you or your little ones at the top of their game. Here is our suggested game plan to help you build a solid foundation.

Multivitamins A high-quality multivitamin helps to ensure kids are meeting the recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, even on the busy days.

Probiotics Over 70% of your immune system lives in your gut! Keeping your gut healthy with good bacteria is the best way to keep the bugs away. Yogurt is not enough; a kid-friendly supplement is the best way to go.
Omega-3s Healthy fats are literally fuel for an active brain. Omega-3s help improve focus and memory, balance mood, and are also good for overall wellbeing.

Vitamin D Essential not only for bone and muscle strength, Vitamin D plays a big role in immune health, and has been linked to assisting in mitigating food allergies and sensitivities.
We have many items that can help keep your family meal planning efforts easy, creative, and affordable, as well as the supplements to keep them fueled and ready for anything the year has to offer.

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