The Holidays Your Way

Choose Your Turkey

Specialty Turkey

What gives the whole, fresh specialty turkeys from JD Farms such exceptional flavour? These free-run turkeys get special care and diet. They’re antibiotic-free and fed non-GMO feed. Order your fresh turkey in time for the holidays. $4.99/lb

Meal Kit

This is the holiday dinner your family is craving, made easy! Your kit includes everything you need to make a delicious holiday meal for four. Prep to plate in just two hours. $49.99.

More Options In-Store

Single-Serve Turkey Dinner

Everyone deserves a turkey dinner! Get all your favourite fixings in a convenient turkey dinner for one. Simply take it home, heat and enjoy. These delicious dinners are gluten-free and dairy-free. $13.99 each.

New! Single-Serve Glazed Tofu Dinner

If you are vegan or just looking for a delicious plant-based meal alternative then this dinner for one is the perfect choice. Maple and apple glazed tofu topped with our classic vegan gravy and all the sides. It is ready to take home, heat and enjoy. $12.99 each.