Lisa Aschenbrenner

Lisa Aschenbrenner is a mom and a nutritionist. She has been focused on the study of food, nutrients, and health since 2001.

Lisa attained her Nutritionist RHN designation in 2012. She has provided nutritional support at InspireHealth to hundreds of people with cancer diagnosis and has completed hundreds health related informational talks and cooking classes to help people connect foods and lifestyle changes to improving their health. Her public speaking interest motivated her to also teach nutrition classes at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. “Real Food For Thought” is the name of her private nutrition practice. She specializes in supporting parents to improve the health of their children in the area of Autism/ADHD using diet and nutrients to improve digestion, absorption, neurological, and immune function. Those are areas that most people can use support with at times and she can help you discover sources of health challenges you may be having as well.

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