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July 2020 - Active Lifestyle

Anyone who has been in pain or discomfort for any length of time – even short term – knows just how incredibly taxing it can be; physically, mentally and even emotionally. That’s why active living people, weekend warriors or performance athletes want to recover quickly or avoid an injury to begin with. Protracted periods of injury and pain are the worst. The key for any of us – no matter the level of physical activity we are accustomed to – is how our body recovers in these circumstances.

A holistic approach is one that brings together all the tools that we can use to fight pain and inflammation. Those tools include purposeful adjustments in diet, lifestyle, and the right supplementation. In general, anything that keeps stress in check is helpful when it comes to containing inflammation. We can’t overestimate the role that stress plays in so many health issues and conditions, including the proper functioning of our immune system and our overall healing process.

Being in tune with the healing process

We all have such stories to tell. Less than a year ago, I dealt with the dreaded anticipation of undergoing gum surgery for the first time. I was prepared for how uncomfortable it would be and told to expect to look like a chipmunk – with full-blown swelling — afterwards. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to it – I was stressed! The upside was that was entirely focused on taking care of myself and in tune with my own healing process. I faithfully took PURICA Recovery 3.0 in the days following my surgery and literally felt the results. Not only did it noticeably mitigate the pain, making the discomfort much less than I had anticipated, but it was also a much faster recovery than projected. On my next check-up, the dentist was impressed with my healing, claiming that it was much quicker than most.

In the holistic world of wellness, I resist pointing to any one single factor as THE reason for something. There’s no doubt that my overall nutrition was good and as an active living person, I was helped by going into the surgery in decent shape and with a good hiking routine and gym regimen behind me.  Yet there is also no question in my mind that natural supplementation made such a huge difference for me.

Targeting the root cause of pain

When dealing with you any form of pain, we need to get at the root cause and target the stress response. This is where PURICA Recovery 3.0 shines in delivering more than just fast pain and inflammation relief, but actual healing. It works by combating inflammation and supporting joint health by reducing cortisol and c-reactive protein levels, both of which are typically triggered by stress. With Curcumin 30% BDMC as one of its signature ingredients, PURICA Recovery 3.0 has been shown to provide rapid relief from pain and inflammation. Yet, it goes far beyond that, working in three key ways:

1- Anti-Stress, providing stress relief 

2- Anti-Catabolic, healing damage at the cellular level 

3- Anti-Inflammatory, delivering rapid relief of inflammation 

PURICA Recovery 3.0 is also intended to help control electrolyte balance. As a reliever of stress, it helps with sleeplessness, irritability, and lack of concentration; which in turn supports the body’s natural recovery and repair functions.

The brilliant antioxidant Curcumin

Much of the anti-inflammatory effect comes from the potent concentration of the curcuminoid 30% BDMC (bisdesmethoxycurcumin). Curcumin is the active compound in the turmeric root that is known for its brilliant antioxidant qualities.  Standard curcumin extract typically contains 0.5-2% of the BDMC, compared to the 30% found in the bioBDM30 found in PURICA Recovery 3.0. The other key is that it combats inflammation from not one but two target markers; MSK1 (mitogen-and stress-activated protein kinase 1) and KF-KB (Nuclear Factor Kappa-B). Regular curcumin only inhibits it from one; the NF-KB.

This helps to provide relief that is felt in hours instead of days. The exceptionally high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value helps to also reduce oxidative damage to the cells.

Adrenal support from chaga and ashwagandha

The other key ingredients in PURICA Recovery 3.0 are the organic medicinal mushroom chaga and the organic herb ashwagandha (Sensoril®). These two ingredients are very important in supporting our adrenal glands and bringing the body back into balance after chronic stress, which heavily taxes our adrenals. Given that our adrenals are responsible for every physiological process in our bodies, this benefit is so important in ensuring a prompt recovery, not to mention returning our energy levels back to optimal. With better energy comes better moods and better overall health.

Add in the Hyaluronic Acid that is part of the original PURICA Recovery, along with Magnesium, Vitamin C and Applephenon (70% polyphenols) and PURICA Recovery 3.0 is an extremely well-rounded. effective – and potent – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic formulation. It’s quickly become synonymous with the rapid relief and optimal performance it is associated with, especially among active living people who want to do everything they can to keep on doing the things they love doing.

Tawnya Ritco, R.H.N. is Director of Education for PURICA and promotes natural heath education and finds inspiration in the connection between nutrition, lifestyle and vitality.

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