6 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

September 2020 - Active Lifestyle

Feeling short on time and space but still trying to squeeze a workout in? You can do any of these six exercises around home (or the office) to help fit fitness into your life.

Office Chair Pikes
If you have a rolling chair in your office, stabilize your core and pump out some pikes off of it for a break between spreadsheets or meetings.

Office Chair Ab Rollout
Learn how to use an office chair for a new ab exercise.

Form is key. Try planks from your knees, then toes and variations on forearms and hands, to find the best position and form for you.

High Five Pushups
Convince your coworker, partner, or child to join you in partner pushups. The added balance while you high five will help you to engage your core.

Door Frame Rows
It’s not just your core that is easy to work in a small space. While pushups are a go-to, engage your arms AND back by rowing off of a door.

Ready to spice up your day? Try some squats, from a quick 10 to as many as possible in 1, 2, 5+ mins they are a quick way to get the energy moving.

*Consult your health care provider before starting any exercise regimen.

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