Veggie Patch Tuna Sandwiches

August 2017 - Lunch & Dinner

Veggie Patch Tuna Sandwiches

The easiest way to get carrots, avocado, and protein into your picky little munchkins!! Low- drama veggies? Who doesn’t want that?! This sandwich is easy to make, and easy to love. Protein, vegetables, and good fats; all neatly contained in two slices of their favourite¬†food group: BREAD!¬†????

YIELD: This batch makes at least 4 sandwiches. You can half the recipe below, but I recommend making this big batch, and then storing it for a day in the fridge. WAIT! So the prep for their lunch on Monday will actually make enough for their lunch on Tuesday?!¬† Bingo! I am telling you, busy mamas, I’ve got your back ūüėČ


  1. Combine as many of the ingredients above as you like in a bowl, and mix,mix,mix!
    Spread on bread
  2. Cut the¬†sandwich in half if that will make them happy, and DON’T CUT IT up if that will make them cry….you know your kid best ūüėÄ
  3. Suggested sides: carrot sticks and strawberries

Option: Prep the night before, and sprinkle the tuna mix with shredded cheese of choice (@daiyafoods shredded mozzarella is a great #dairyfree alternative) and grill in a panini press. It will still taste good cold, and the melted cheese serves a dual purpose of gluing all those goods onto the bread! Happy sneaky- sandwiching! ????#momwin why do you feel soooo good?!!?

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