Daily Routine Fitness: Green Machine Smoothie

January 2016 - Breakfast

Daily Routine Fitness: Green Machine Smoothie

We are in a full-blown fight against pre-school germs in this house. We’ve been playing hooky all week while loading up on green smoothies and cold pressed juices to kick these colds. Today we added this delicious protein smoothie to our menu. Bennett is not a fan of eating meat so I’m always looking for creative ways to get protein into his bodyŠ—_and these smoothies often the solution. I either pack them with loads of greens and fruit or I add a plant-based protein to get some additional calories into my little man.A couple key benefits of this smoothie are the amount of iron you are receiving from the greens and the delicious healthy fats from the coconut oil. Do you have a child that doesn’t eat meat? What are some creative ways you add protein into his or her diet?


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender.
  2. Blend and enjoy!

Photography By:Rebecca Siewert

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