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Clean Little Plates: Veggie Packed Lunch

August 2018 - Kids

Clean Little Plates: Veggie Packed Lunch


Turkey cuke-wiches

A perfect gluten and grain free sandwich alternative!


  • Simply slice cucumber
  • Spread on mashed avocado or guacamole
  • Add a layer of cheese, and a square of organic nitrate-free turkey
  • Top with another cucumber and hold together with a toothpick!

Make-ahead Strawberry’n’-chia honey Greek yogurt

Perfect item to prep the night before school, full of fibre, probiotics, and omega oils.


  • Stir 1T chia seeds and honey (to taste) into their Liberte foods plain Greek yogurt
  • Top with strawberries and allow to sit overnight in fridge, so that chia softens and blends right in!

3 ingredient sweet corn salad

No dressing required! Kids love it just as it is.


  • Dice Tomoates.
  • Mix with frozen peas and corn.

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