Apple Slice Tuna Sandwiches

August 2018 - Snack & Appies

Apple Slice Tuna Sandwiches

A perfect alternative for your little bread-lovers to try!


Apple Slice Tuna Sandwiches


  1. Simply mash up tuna and avocado, add a twist of salt and set aside.
  2. Slice up an apple, and then drizzle lemon juice on the sliced apple and into the avocado mix, to prevent both from browning.
  3. Fill apple slice to make a sandwich.
  4. Enjot! Easy, filling, and crunchy delish!

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I’m Melanie. I am a blessed wife and a grateful mama to a sweet and sassy 5 year old, and a playful and busy two year old.
I believe nourishing our bodies with whole foods is a critical components for keeping us healthy, energized, and feeling our BEST. Being in the thick of raising two little ones, I understand the struggle of in feeding picky eaters. I love the challenge of finding practical and DELICIOUS ways to get real food approved by the lil’ skeptics!

For more inspiration from my kitchen and encouragement from my heart, you can find me on instagram at @cleanlittleplates. XO

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