What’s Inside My Grocery Bag
Grocery Shopping with Jillian Harris

October 2016 - Our Ambassadors

Let’s go Grocery Shopping with Jillian Harris!

For those of you that are always asking about where I grocery shop and WHAT  is in my grocery bag, look no further. I have been shopping exclusively at Natures Fare for almost a year now. It makes my grocery shopping made easy for me since they do the research for you and I no longer need to look at every label or worry about where my produce, meat, and dairy is coming from. They only offer the best of the best, organic, non-GMO, ethically raised, free range, and free run products that are handpicked from local farmers and artisans, before anything else. I can feel good about everything in the store and be reassured that I’m not making any bad choices for me or my family.

Grocery Shopping with Jillian Harris

When I had Leo I lost almost my entire appetite. I didn’t crave anything or ever really FEEL hungry. I would look at food that I used to love and as much as I knew I needed the calories, I just wasn’t able to eat it. My milk supply started to deplete and I shortly realized that I needed to put Leo first no matter how I was feeling. So I started to introduce SOME ethically raised, free range and free run meat and some dairy from Nature’s Fare back into my diet. Having said that, I feel really good shopping at Natures Fare for these items because I know how conscious they are with their product selection. They research the local farms that they get all of their meat and dairy from so I know that everything available is as humane as it possibly can be.

Grocery Shopping with Jillian Harris


Follow me through the Natures Fare grocery store and find out what else is inside my grocery bag below ….

Grocery Shopping with Jillian Harris

  1. Weleda Nursing Tea: I have a cup of this nursing tea almost every night before bed. I love how it makes me feel, how it tastes and what it does!!
  2. More Milk Plus Vitamins: I take these lactation pills mixed with my placenta pills every morning to help with my milk supply. If you are a new mom, I recommend trying a pill like this if you are having troubles breast feeding or producing milk!!
  3. So Nice Organic Almond Milk: This is the type of almond milk that I use in my smoothies every single morning. I have tried SO many different kinds and this one is definitely my favourite.
  4. Clif Bars: I keep these in my purse at all times in case I get caught up at work or in meetings and don’t have time to pick up food. I also keep my cupboard fully stocked with them incase I need to grab and go before running out the door!!
  5. Naty Wipes: I absolutely love using these 100% organic, biodegradable wipes on Leo. They are easy to use and gentle on Leo’s skin.
  6. Organic Unblanched Almonds: I always keep these in my car, in my bag, in both houses and on set of Love It Or List It Vancouver. They are high calories and healthy fat and are great to snack on throughout the day.
  7. Carina Organics Bubble Bath: I have a bath with Leo almost every night. We absolutely LOVE using this bubble bath because it is organic and safe for both Leo and my skin. I love this ritual that I have to end my days …
  8. Happy Planet Coconut Pineapple Smoothie: I love this stuff especially as a new mom who needs those extra calories to produce breast milk. I have learned that the more breast milk I produce, the more calories I lose so it’s a win-win …
  9. Whole Mega Vitamins: I take these every morning with my Milk Plus and the last of my placenta pills!!
  10. Hippie Snacks: If you love coconut as much as I do you NEED to try these!!! They are a healthy alternative to your classic bag of chips … they are crunchy and salty and so so good!!
  11. Fresh produce: Every time I go to the grocery store I always pick up lots of fresh fruit and produce. Depending on the season and what is the most fresh, you won’t ever catch my bag without these items in it.

Photo and article from Jillian Harris.

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