We’re Shaking Up Our Smoothie Menu

May 2024 - Nutrition

If you have visited our Bistro, chances are you have enjoyed one of our smoothies. We pride ourselves on creating smoothies using only 100% certified organic produce without any added concentrates or artificial flavours. The increased popularity and awareness of the benefits of functional beverages prompted us to create and launch our new smoothie menu. We’re excited to introduce a lineup of functional wellness beverages that blend our commitment to wellness with our love for organic produce, maintaining our delicious flavours and creamy texture while elevating their health benefits.

So, what sets these functional wellness smoothies apart from your average drink? It’s all about their purpose: they go beyond mere refreshment. Each smoothie is carefully crafted to offer specific health benefits for the mind, body or both. Whether it’s boosting immunity, promoting energy or enhancing cognitive function, every sip is designed to support your overall well-being.

The term “functional” in this context refers to intentionally including ingredients that go beyond basic hydration or flavour. These range from vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to herbs, botanicals and adaptogens, all chosen for their potential to positively impact health and vitality.

Take adaptogenic beverages, for example. They harness the power of adaptogens—natural substances that help the body adapt to stress and promote balance. Cordyceps and lion’s mane are ancient mushrooms that have been integral in traditional medicine to support resilience, mental focus and overall wellness.

Our menu also features smoothies rich in immune-boosting ingredients, like elderberries, known for their potent antioxidants and antiviral properties. These offerings provide a delicious way to fortify your body’s defenses, supporting optimal health.

We didn’t stop there—our functional beverages include smoothies enhanced with protein powders and collagen, essential for recovery and repair from the inside out. These ingredients support everything from healthy aging and workout recovery to skincare.

With our new smoothie options, we’re redefining hydration. No longer just a means of quenching thirst, these beverages offer a holistic approach to wellness that nourishes both body and soul. Cheers to health, happiness and hydration—raise a cup to the power of functional wellness. Your body will thank you.

View our smoothie ingredient lists and nutritional information.

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