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Top 5 Homemade Ice Pops for the Long Weekend

June 2019 - Nutrition

Summer weekends were made for frozen treats! Check out our round up of top 5 ice pop that you can get making and stock up your freezer.

  • Banana Avocado Ice Pops
    Refreshing and full of healthy fats! Avocado ice pops are the perfect treat and a great way to get extra nutrition into your day.
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  • Blueberry & Lemon Greek Yogurt Ice Pops
    100% real food, low sugar treat that is easily swapped for different flavours by just changing the fruit combinations.
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  • Red Superfood Ice Pops
    Full of antioxidants from Prairie Naturals Red Superfoods Powder and hydration from watermelon and coconut water.
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  • Ener-C Peach Mango Ice Pops
    Stay hydrated without the fake ingredients and added sugar! Ener-C electrolytes are an easy and delicious addition to any ice pop.
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  • Fraiche Nutrition’s Breakfast Pops
    Layered with Greek yogurt, granola and pureed fruit, they are as simple to make as they sound, and will land you the ‘cool mom’ award of the week when you serve them up!  
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