Eat with the Seasons – Fresh Picks for August

August 2016 - Nutrition

Summer has settled in, in all its glory…long hot days, sultry evenings, and dining al fresco in backyards and on beaches. Celebrate by tasting all these beautiful, bright colours of the season from Bhumi Farms, Bite Me Organics, Home Lake, SSOL Gardens, Silver Springs, Localmotive and Valhalla Farms.

  • Soft orange-yellow apricots
  • Bright green basil
  • Deep red , bunched and bulk
  • Pale green cabbage
  • Bright orange bunched carrots
  • Rainbow chard
  • Cherry-red cherries
  • Bottle green field cucumbers
  • Black, red, green and purple kale
  • Fresh green romaine lettuce and hearts
  • Rich green parsley
  • Sunset yellow-and-pink peaches
  • Fresh green snap and snow peas
  • Golden plums
  • White (new), red, and purple nugget potatoes
  • Very cherry tomatoes
  • Yellow and green zucchini

* Selection may vary depending on store location.

Check out our recipe for a Fresh and Light Potato Salad using the best of what August has to offer.

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