The Top 4 Pre & Post Workout Essentials

August 2021 - Active Lifestyle

Achieve peak performance and speed recovery time while maximizing growth with these workout essentials! Learn why it’s so critical to supplement before and after your workouts, plus what trendy gummy vitamins we’re recommending to help you get started! 

What you Need to Know When Preparing for Your Workout

In order to equip your body and maximize your workouts, it’s important to time your supplements correctly, this will boost your energy, maintain focus and increase endurance.

Here are the top two supplements you should fuel up with to make workouts last longer:

  1. PRE-WORKOUT: Using a pre-workout will help maximize your workouts by boosting performance and energy while maintaining laser focus to help you reach your fitness goals. Use these 20-30 minutes prior to working out to get the most out of your pre-workout supplement.
  2. BCAA’S: Branch chain amino acids can be used any time before, during or after a workout! We personally love using them before a workout as these particular amino acids help boost performance and support muscle growth. This supplement has become a staple for athletes world-wide due to their increased ability to support muscle recovery. Take them up to 15 minutes before a workout to maximize muscle growth and repair!

The Importance of Post-Workout Recovery  

Recovering after a workout allows the body to repair damaged tissues, build muscle and replenish energy stores, this is the key to reaching and being able to maintain your fitness goals. Therefore, you want to refuel the body with the right nutrients to increase muscle building and muscle recovery.

Here’s what you should be consuming after a workout:

3. PROTEIN/CARBS: Protein is essential for both muscle growth and repair. Considerably the most critical nutrient to supplement with after a workout, protein provides your body with the amino acids it needs to rebuild and repair these proteins. Carbohydrates are also important to consume immediately after exercise as they additionally help with recovery and also replenish glycogen stores, which are used up during exercise. We paired these two nutrients under the same category because they’re vital to take at the same time together after a workout, as carbohydrates help the absorption of protein, turning it into greater muscle mass. Experts recommend consuming this macronutrient combo within 30 minutes of working out to optimize fitness goals.  

4. ELECTROLYTES: Maintaining hydration after exercise is also important, but we’re not just talking about drinking water! Electrolytes are essential for many bodily functions, and when we exercise, we lose precious minerals like sodium and potassium through our sweat, which make up these electrolytes. Hydration and electrolyte balance are also a key factor to achieving peak performance. So, make sure to drink plenty of water before and during your workouts along with using an effective electrolyte supplement to help reach your peak performance. 

Using Herbaland supplements makes achieving your fitness goals possible, in a fun, tasty and convenient way! Whether you are new to working out, or have lots of experience, see how our all-natural, vegan products can benefit your health and assist in giving you the desired physical results you’re looking to achieve!

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