Pick Local

Organic Farming

If it were easy, everyone would do it. When organic farmers wake up early to work in the field, they know that it brings additional hurdles—growing without pesticides, herbicides and the government subsidies afforded conventional farmers. But they do it anyway because they believe in sustainability and biodiversity. They strive for a lower carbon footprint by growing food close to home and keeping money in their communities. They do it because they believe in helping you eat healthy, delicious food. We share that vision, and that means we insist on paying our farmers a fair rate, whether they supply one store or all seven. We never undercut a grower, because we want them to stay in business, to stay in our communities and be sustainable. When you shop at Nature’s Fare Markets, you share our love of environmentally friendly and socially just food. You help these farmers survive.

Our Fave Summer Recipes

Hot Honey Butter Bath Corn

The naturally sweet corn from Two EE’s is legendary. The honey-infused butter bath gives it even more creaminess.

Grilled Kale and Citrus Salad

Amazia Farms grows the most gorgeous organic kale. Grilling it and pairing it with oranges makes it sing!

Fresh Peach Salsa

Fresh organic peaches from Sproule & Daughters Farm are a highlight of summer not to be missed! Use them for this salsa and scoop up with your favourite tortilla chips.

Miso Chili Zucchini

This dish uses just a few ingredients to highlight the beautiful textures and flavours of fresh organic zucchini from Roots & Greens Farm.