Stocking Stuffers for the Win!

December 2016 - Family Wellness

The tree is decorated, fire is crackling, stockings are hung, and this mama is sitting quite satisfied by the fire with a glass of my favourite chardonnay…..while “visions of sugar plums dance thru my head”.

LOL…TOTALLY KIDDING about the sugar plums, BUT, I am feeling quite pleased. Why, you may ask? Because I killed it with stocking stuffers for the whole family this year!

For the last 3 years I have pretty much left my stocking stuffer items to the very last minute. As you can imagine, last minute usually = crap items. You know, dollar store toys that break after you use them once, candy full of tartrazine and other nasty dyes and chemicals (tartrazine is actually banned in Europe) and your typical (but extremely practical) items like socks, body wash, scratch tickets…. you get the idea.

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But this year things have changed. I started early, I went in with a plan (and a budget) and I am so proud of my purchases that I clearly felt like a bottle of chardonnay was more than well deserved.

Want in on what I purchased? Let’s check it out……

For the Kids:

  1. GO Organically Fruit Snacks – GMO Free/Gluten Free
  2. Tru Joy Sweets Organic Peppermint Choco Chews (Gluten Free/Vegan)
  3. SISU U-Cubes Kids Gummies Chewable Multivitamins
  4. Big Friends Chewable Vitamin C by Natural Factors
  5. Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste with Fluoride (Ummm totally Mom & Dad Approved + Kids LOVE the taste, not “spicy” at all)!
  6. Toothbrush, by Ecofam
  7. PUR Gum – LOVE this gum as it contains NO ASPARTAME
  8. KIND Bar
  9. Peppermint Chocolate Bar, by Theo
  10. Organic Candy Canes, by Tru Joy

For Dad:

  1. Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Holiday/Sample Pack
  2. Burts Bees chap stick pack
  3. KIND Bars
  4. Jerky – KRAVE chili lime
  5. Organic Candy Canes, by Tru Joy
  6. Earth Paste Toothpaste

For Mom (hehe):

  1. Travel Size Shampoo/Conditioner, by giovanni
  2. Cherry Hill Coffee
  3. Toothbrush, by Ecofam
  4. Nailpolish, by Gabriel
  5. Spa Relaxus Mask
  6. Kind Bar
  7. Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Holiday/Sample Pack
  8. Organic Candy Canes, by Tru Joy


All of these products have been hand picked and carefully selected keeping in mind a healthy and fun balance of items for both the small, and big kids in the family!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more disheartening than seeing the stockings emptied out, the disappointment at lacklustre items, and the full garbage bags at the end of the day. With smart and healthy items, you won’t feel that Christmas downer.

Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list this year, these products are 100% Santa and BOOMBALOO approved!

From our home to yours, Happy Holidays!

Xx, Natalie Grant (Founder + Creative Director of BOOMBALOO)


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