Picnic Essentials

July 2019 - Nutrition

Picnic food can be more interesting and healthier than a few bags of chips. However, thinking about making treats to eat outdoors may lead you to think that it’s going to be a time-consuming task. We are here to prove you wrong!

Picnic Essentials

Fresh fruit
All of the produce at Nature’s Fare Markets is certified organic and local when in season. We love using fresh grapes, apples, pears, peaches, or whatever is in season!

Meats and cheeses
Nature’s Fare Markets chooses only ethically raised meat with no medications, hormones, or MSG. Dairy is organic first and grass-fed when possible.

Chips and dip
We love Spread ‘Em Kitchen Co.’s Fermented Cashew cheese-style spreads paired with fresh bread, Eve’s Crackers, or Mary’s Organic Crackers!

Don’t forget about the wine—it would be a crime since BC has such great wine country! Did you know the Okanagan Valley wine region is home to more than 80% of all vineyards in BC?

Pack all your snacks into a picnic basket or reusable bag, invite your friends, and let the fun begin!

Bailey Campbell can be found on Instagram at @basicswithbails where she crafts recipes and inspires people to live their best and healthiest lives.

This article was piblished in The Good Life.

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