New Year’s Reflections

January 2020 - Health & Wellness

As we enter a new decade, I’m reflecting on my top four lessons from 2019!

It’s hard to believe we are heading into a new decade! Most of us are heading into the New Year setting goals and making resolutions; this year I encourage you to also spend some time reflecting on the past year.
Take some time to celebrate your wins as well as recognize what didn’t go as planned: what were some challenging moments that you didn’t expect and what were some lessons you’ve learned?

We are often so consumed by looking forward, always planning for the next thing, that we don’t allow ourselves to just sit in the moment. Maybe a moment of a huge success or a moment when something didn’t go well… just sit and feel that moment for what it is. Reach me on Instagram and share your top 3!

This year I encourage you to not only set goals and create your vision boards but to reflect on 2019 and celebrate the wins, the losses, and everything in between. Because those are the moments that we learn from, we grow from, and build our future on. I would love to hear your own personal takeaways from 2019! 

Remember how far you’ve come.
We spend so much time focusing on what didn’t go right but what we really need to do is focus on all the things that did go right; because I’d bet once you start writing it down…it’s a lot!

Hire a coach.
2019 was the first year I ever invested in a coach and it was by far the most transformative. I’ve been a part of lots of masterminds’ business networking groups, etc., but had never hired a specific coach for business and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I highly recommend, whatever your goal is, to hire a professional to coach you—whether it be for fitness, business, or whatever else; it is so worth the investment.

Fall down 7, get up 8.
One of my favourite quotes is “Failure is the stepping stone to success.” Understand that falling down is all part of the process, as long as you just keep getting back up.

No one is you, and that is your super power.
This is a big one for me. Living in this age of social media, it can be so easy to get caught up in the comparison game; but the reality is, you are you and that is your gift. There is someone out there that needs to hear your message, exactly the way that you share it.

Vanessa Jahnke is a leading nutrition and healthy living expert helping women all over Canada create healthy, happy and successful lives.  She is the co-founder of Pure Gym & Juicery in Penticton, BC and a healthy living blogger at  In a world where we are inundated with diet information, Vanessa’s approach to healthy-living is fun, straight-forward and attainable, drawing thousands of people to her blog and online programs.

The article was published in The Good Life.

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