Minimal Waste Car Kit

April 2020 - Natural Home

A zero-waste car kit will solve all of the “inconveniences” that single-use plastic solves. If you keep all of these items in a neat little basket in your trunk or back seat, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your reusable produce bag, your coffee mug, or your cutlery ever again. Having a car kit has made my journey to eliminate single-use plastic so much easier. See how easy Nature’s Fare Markets makes it to start your zero-waste journey today.

Reusable Klean Kanteen Mug
You know you need this in your car—keep it in your glovebox or middle console, or even your cup holder! When you’re done with it, simply bring it inside, wash it, and put it back. You could even leave two in your car kit if you’re an avid coffee drinker so that you’re never without one if the other didn’t make it back to the car that morning. My motto when it comes to takeout coffee is “no mug, no coffee”. You’ll learn pretty quickly if you have to go without coffee or your favourite tea for a day. Add it to your routine when you head out the door in the morning: “phone, keys, wallet… and mug”.

Cutlery, Bamboo Straw + Napkin
You can either be all fancy and buy some cute little cutlery set or you can go the money-saving/more eco-friendly route and walk over to your cutlery drawer, pick out a mismatched knife, fork, and spoon (I know you have mismatched cutlery in there somewhere), and add it to your brand new zero-waste car kit. Don’t forget to throw in a reusable straw before you walk out the door. These bamboo straws from The Future is Bamboo come with a straw cleaner, and they have cute sayings on them too.

Empty Onyx To-Go Container
This might seem a bit weird but I’ve used mine more than I ever expected! When you go out to eat, you don’t know if you’ll have leftovers or not, and when you do, it usually comes in styrofoam (ugh) or plastic-lined cardboard. It’s so nice having my container in my car ready to go. I’ve used my container for takeout too!

Colibri Reusable Sandwich Bag
If you find yourself staying at the office late, or commuting longer distances in your car, keep some snacks nearby. But, do you usually pack snacks in plastic sandwich bags? Throw some trail mix in a glass jar and keep it for snack breaks or hangry attacks. Colibri’s reusable snack bags are machine washable and have a water resistant lining.

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