It’s Time to Simplify!

May 2019 - Health & Wellness

When one of my health coaching clients recently told me that her selfcare was stressing her out, I began to wonder “Is the media’s push on meditation turning into another trigger of anxiety? Is the pressure of posting the perfect Instagram photo with the hashtag #selfcaresunday a real thing?” Turns out, it is!

We’re living in an age of being flooded with information, trends, products, etc… and ultimately, we are being bombarded with options! And while having options can be a great thing, it can also be very overwhelming.

At the end of the day, if your actions, routine, and habits don’t make you feel good, it’s time for a change. Make this the year you take control of what feels good and what doesn’t, let go of anything no serving you, and focus on what makes you the most happy. Fall in love with your life!

It’s Time to Simplify!

How to Simplify

Reclaim your time and attention.
Somewhere along the line, we have become more obsessed about what other people are doing with their lives than we are with our own lives. If media of any kind is compromising your wellness, it’s time to log off.

Declutter your home (and office).
Try a decluttering challenge with a friend!

Entertain fewer commitments.
JOMO is a thing! (Joy Of Missing Out).

Own your mornings.
One of my mentors taught me to “Eat the frog before noon.” What that means is, start your morning with your most difficult task, and then the rest of the day will feel much easier.

Simplifying means making room for the things that are most important to you! I would love to hear how this resonates with you—I look forward to connecting with you

Sending you all big love.

Vanessa Jahnke is a leading nutrition and healthy living expert helping women all over Canada create healthy, happy and successful lives.  She is the co-founder of Pure Gym & Juicery in Penticton, BC and a healthy living blogger at  In a world where we are inundated with diet information, Vanessa’s approach to healthy-living is fun, straight-forward and attainable, drawing thousands of people to her blog and online programs.

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