Healthy Family Tips for Back to School

August 2019 - Family Wellness

It is almost fall and back-to-school is upon us. The lazy days of summer and lack of schedule are coming to an end. September is as important, if not moreso, than New Years, for laying the groundwork for the upcoming year. School, extra-curricular activities, work, and household duties fill our already busy, stressful days. Balancing your responsibilities with school-aged children can be challenging.  These tips can help you make the most of your time as you support your child/children through the fall.

Don’t Neglect Movement

Creating a plan for daily movement is essential not only for health and wellness but overall well-being. According to the American Psychological Association, exercise relieves stress, reduces depression, and improves cognitive function.  Establishing time for exercise should be a priority. The first tip is to prepare your gym clothes the night before. You can easily dress the following morning, making rolling out of a warm bed to exercise less challenging! And once completed, no one ever regrets a workout!

Prep Your Meals in Advance

We all know just how much effort it takes to prepare a good meal. One suggestion is to prep your weekly meals in advance. Pick a day that works and set aside time as a family to get them involved in meal planning.
Children can cut vegetables and assist in prepping. Freeze them in portions you can quickly heat up. This will save a considerable amount of time.

Stay Connected

Children can experience many complex feelings, just as adults do. As parents, one of our important roles is to help our children understand and express their feelings in a positive, constructive manner.
Ask questions, tune into your child’s behaviour, encourage open and honest communication, lead by example, and use active listening—all tools we can add to our parenting toolbox. Positive parent-child relationships are associated with higher levels of adolescent self-esteem, happiness, and life satisfaction, and contribute to lower levels of emotional and physical distress. 

Avoid Overscheduling

Parents often have their own agendas in mind when setting up activities for school start-up. It is easy to over-schedule, and parents often have to work at keeping a balance with activities and free/playtime. Activities that line up with the parents’ ‘dreams’ can match the child’s interests, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Taking time to ask what activities matter to the child empowers the child to think about and recognize their own likes and dislikes. Suggesting frequent trips to explore nature during the weekend, visits to a local volunteer centre, trying various sports, etc. should expand your child’s awareness of opportunities and encourage them to develop and pursue those interests and activities.

As we step back into our September routines, we must keep in mind that it can be stressful for both parents and children. Using these tips can help make an often overwhelming time, just a little easier.

Aeryon Ashlie is the founder of Aeryon Wellness, #1 Best Selling Author, On-air Radio Personality and Holistic Health Coach. Aeryon is a strong believer in the Holistic Intuitive Approach, and her latest venture of support supplements are a result of personal experience with adrenal, weight management and sleep issues. For more on these products, books, or upcoming events please visit

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