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February 2017 - Active Lifestyle

The new year is upon us, and for many, either panic or lack of motivation has officially set in. All year you’ve promised yourself this would be the year you would give up sugar, stop drinking those lattes, or end those carb fests before bed. Two days post-Christmas, your New Year’s party is around the corner and you decide you probably should give up carbs altogether and live on coffee to slim down fast! Wrong! Skipping meals and not giving your body proper nutrition will set you back far more. So instead of depriving your body, let’s focus on creating new habits that will help you reach those goals.

Keep it simple
Often when we start a new fitness goal, we try to take on too much too soon. Focus on small changes that will give you lasting results. Here are a few ways to change your daily routines and affect your week positively.

Write your goals down
Keep a simple reminder somewhere you’re going to look every day. Reminding yourself daily of where you’re going, why you are going there, and what you want to get out of your journey will keep you focused and motivated.

Meal plan
Even if you start with something as simple as planning your snacks or making your lunch instead of buying it, little changes will create positive effects on your food consumption. Plus, this teaches the body to crave nutritious food instead of packaged items.

Start your day right
Getting enough water every day can be a challenge, so for a client who drinks 1 glass of water, being told to drink 8 can seem overwhelming or plain annoying. So let’s start small! Start every day with a big glass of water—get your digestive system moving before throwing coffee or breakfast in. Then aim for another glass 20 minutes before every meal. Keep a water bottle with you at all times to keep sipping and avoid snacking.

Squeeze in your workouts
One of the best ways to help you stay motivated is getting your body moving. Sweating releases positive, happy endorphins, which help us feel more positive about ourselves and our days. When our minds are clearer and our moods more positive, we tend to make healthier menu choices. Like with our food choices, the key is starting off small. Can you squeeze in 10 minutes of cardio, walk to work, or hit the stairs on your lunch break? Small changes make lasting and positive results.

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The workouts
If the workout is laid out, there’s no excuse to skip out, right? These workouts are simple, quick, and a great place to start getting your fitness back on track.

15 minutes of cardio: Repeat these moves three times, one minute each:

  • Fast football feet
  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Squat or squat jump (depending on your fitness level)
  • Skaters

Bodyweight workout: Set your timer for 30 seconds for each exercise, getting in as many rounds as you can for 15 minutes:

  • Body weight push-up
  • Body weight squat
  • Plank
  • Walking lunges

Lunch hour walk or jog

Repeat Tuesday’s workout

Abs: Do each movement for 30 seconds to one minute. Repeat for 10 minutes:

  • Plank
  • Bicycles
  • Boat pose (modified if needed)
  • Reverse crunch

Need more workout or meal ideas? Head to dailyroutinefitness.com for written workouts, free workout videos, and great recipes to get you on track for a successful and healthy year.

Rachel Doell is an instructor, personal trainer, mother, and wife who loves health and fitness. Her fitness company, Daily Routine Fitness, (dailyroutinefitness.com) features simple ways to fit living a healthy life into your everyday routine.
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