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April 2017 - Nutrition

One of my biggest challenges right now when it comes to my snacking habits, well actually if I am going to be really honest I’d say my eating habits in general – is choosing what to eat, and when to eat it in order to help me get thru these busy days.

With 6 “men” in the house all fighting for the same items in the fridge or cupboards in the morning, sometimes the last person to reach for the milk or banana misses out. At let’s be honest, most of the time it’s me. After all that’s what being a parent is all about. Their needs before your own. My husband however has a different theory on this. What was it he said again? Oh YES, “think of it like when you are on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you that in case of an emergency to put the oxygen mask over you mouth first before placing one on your children”. Ummmm……..??? lol

While I do see some truth in his humour, we all need to be responsible and feed ourselves the proper nutrition to get us thru our day. For my family, that’s a busy day at work, a busy day on the ice, or simply a busy day on the playground.

Today, I am sharing with you my family’s favourite bars at the moment and why we love them!

  1. SOLO BARS – Quite simply, these amazing energy bars are great tasting! My whole family is obsessed with them. Plus you have over 7 flavours to choose from. SOLO Bars are considered a low glycemic snack and therefore helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and avoids “the crash” in the day too. These bars are great for kids too!
  2. KIND Bars – Ok this should not be the first thing I like about these bars (but my marketing mind never shuts off), but their branding and packaging is just too on point. Plus, once you take a bite of these bars that peanut crunch taste is like no other. I personally love this bar as a snack around 10:30am each day. It gives me that extra fuel I need each day to keep going. With over 22 bards to choose from, and a company with an amazing philosophy – why not give it a try!
  3. VEGA One & VEGA Sport Bars – These are a no brainer in our home, and not just for the obvious reasons. Packed with 15g of plant based protein, 2.5g of BCAA’s (Branch Chained Amino Acids), and 1g of Omega 3 ALA (from plants), these bars are eaten up before I can even dump them in the snack drawer. Our 3 hockey billets rely on these almost every morning, along with one of their smoothies, or packed to take with them on the bus. For me, I buy the VEGA One. I love the probiotic ingredient and the fact this bar is plant based. I am not a big fans of drinking my “greens”, so this bar does that for me too!

There are SO many bars out there to choose from, all providing slightly different ingredients and flavours. While these bars are currently entering our home, we would love to hear from you on some other family friendly protein and/or energy bars that your family loves!

Xx, Natalie Grant (Mom, Founder + Creative Director, BOOMBALOO)

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