The Keto Diet & Adrenal Fatigue

April 2020 - Nutrition

One of the ways adrenal fatigue can be eased is with a keto diet. While this may not work for everyone, there is a compelling explanation for why it’s worth trying. Adrenal fatigue creates an imbalance of blood sugar and insulin in the body, which causes a stressful fluctuation in energy levels and leads to exhaustion.

When functioning normally, the adrenal glands produce the cortisol hormone, which in turn increases blood sugar levels. Insulin responds to this by moving the blood sugar (glucose) into cells, thus lowering blood sugar again. This is healthy.

Glucose vs Insulin Imbalances
The net result of adrenal fatigue is that the body no longer creates enough cortisol. And that means it is less able to increase blood sugar levels when they fall. This might happen after eating carbs. Why? Because insulin reacts to carb consumption by lowering blood-sugar levels and your body lacks sufficient cortisol to restore balance. A few hours after eating, a condition called “reactive hypoglycemia” might occur.

Trying a Keto Diet
A keto diet can restore balance to blood sugar levels because it doesn’t rely on high carb intake to produce energy. Instead, it consists of fat (70 to 80%), protein (20 to 25%), and 10% max of carbs. When following this diet, the body goes into a metabolic state of “ketosis”, where it utilizes fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. In doing this, it calms the stormy relationship between cortisol and insulin.

It’s important to note that constant stress is a frequent factor in adrenal fatigue. A keto diet may not help if the cause of stress is unrelieved and, indeed, if it adds to the stress. But if your adrenal problems stem from an unhealthy diet or sedentary lifestyle, it’s worth trying as part of the solution. You can switch to a keto diet gently, too, by slowly increasing your intake of whole foods.

As an aid to the keto lifestyle and stress, try supplementing with adaptogens such as ashwagandha, Chinese hawthorn, and schisandra. 

Aeryon Ashlie is a Holistic Fitness Coach, Best Selling Author, and CEO of Aeryon Wellness. After over 20 years battling with Bulimia and a negative relationship with food, Aeryon’s goal is to help others step into Health and Wellness Sustainability. Her latest venture of all-natural, scientifically formulated supplements is a result of personal experience with extreme Adrenal Fatigue and the desire for products that offer support for our current fast paced lifestyle.

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