Rethinking Breakfast

February 2016 - Nutrition

Breakfast has sat high on its horse for years as “the most important meal of the day.” By now, I bet breakfast is so full of itself all the other meals don’t want to hang with it anymore.

Though if you are one of the many who try slyly not to make eye contact with breakfast as you dash out the door, shameful that you aren’t yet hungry or simply without time for the all-mighty most important meal, I’m here to tell you no longer to hide in fear of judgment! Let your breakfast flag fly (or rather, let it lay), because what you eat may hold more importance than when you are eating it.

Timing (breakfast) isn’t everything…

Now, before you go telling your Mom “Jamieson says I don’t need to eat breakfast anymore!” let me clarify that I do recommend eating within two hours of waking. This is to help restore your blood sugar levels, which feed your brain, and assist in cognitive function. Now, within two hours of waking is a far cry from “first thing” and will give you more space to focus on what you’re eating instead of that quick drive-thru donut you nom on just to “get something in”.

Think of your first meal as the best time to set your energy-tank up. If you eat something quick and refined, like a sugary pastry or white toast with jam, your blood sugar will sky rocket (setting your energy-tank into overdrive) and crashing you down as fast as you took off. This could set you into a swing of highs and lows all day, which can affect appetite, energy and even your mood!

A breakfast which digests slower and packs a punch of nutrients, on the other hand, will set your energy-tank to cruise control and coast you into a steady day of eating and energy. To put it simply, if you had the choice to fill your car with the best fuel to allow for a smooth and steady trip, or a quicker cheaper option that would result in your car breaking down every mile and a half… which would you put your time and energy into attaining?

So before you reach for those quick sugary fixes first thing, remember you have two whole hours to set yourself up for a steady day and fill your energy-tank right! We’re talkin’ food that’ll “stick to your ribs”. Think:

Heck, for the best of both worlds, just shake up your Vega Essentials or Vega One with some dairy-free milk and you’ve got a nutrient packed breakfast on the go!

Though don’t take my word one it – try focusing on what you eat over when for yourself! You can use all the extra energy you have to send me a “thank you” note later.

Bonus bite

Want to be an extra early-morning rock star? Replace eating first thing with hydrating first thing! We are made up of more than 60% water, which means we need to be on our A game to avoid dehydration. Downing a glass of water first thing is a great way to stay hydrated and get everything internal moving (if you know what I mean). So get to guzzling when you wake and then, within two hours after that, mow down on a fiber-rich, protein pumped, nutrient loaded meal and you’ll officially be a breakfast badass(paragus)!

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