Product Talk: Healthy Hemp, the Super Seed

July 2016 - Nutrition

No wonder hemp is called a Superfood! A complete protein, and high in essential fatty acids and magnesium, hemp is easy to digest, versatile and delicious – and soaring in popularity. And that’s no surprise to Roland Siegmund.

“We’ve always sold hemp, in one form or another, at Nature’s Fare Markets – as food and in supplements,” says our Director of Purchasing & Vendor Relations. “And sales are climbing as more people discover how delicious and healthy it is.”

Never genetically modified and gluten free, heart-, bone- and brain-healthy, immune-boosting hemp seeds:

  • Are nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids, in a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio (Omega 6 Linoleic Acid: Omega 3)
  • Contain all 20 amino acids
  • Have more protein and fewer carbs than equivalent servings of chia or flax. Each 30-gram serving contains 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of Omegas.
  • Are high in magnesium, zinc and iron, and rich in

Find hemp at Nature’s Fare Markets as seeds or ‘hearts’ and as oil; in veggie burgers, cereals, milk and ice cream; cereals, protein powders, pancakes and power bars; pasta, butter and baked goods.

Its emollient qualities also enhance cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, lotions and deodorants…and even a natural, wood finishing oil in our household cleaners section. And don’t forget supplements!

Easy Enjoyment

With a slightly nutty taste (think sunflower seeds) hemp is as delicious and it is versatile. 

Drizzle hemp oil over foods as a finishing oil, or add to dressings, sauces and smoothies.

Tip: To preserve its healthful benefits and keep it from oxidizing, never cook or heat hemp oil – and keep it refrigerated before and after opening.

Try hemp hearts…

  • Sprinkled into fruit and vegetable salads
  • Stirred into yogurt, oatmeal and cereal
  • Blended into a fruit smoothie
  • As a garnish on goat’s cheese with raw veggies
  • Dusted on nut butter and pear slices on toast.
  • …or nibbled straight out of the bag. Delish!

Growing Hemp

Hemp, a fast growing, easy-on-the environment multi-tasking plant:

  • Thrives without pesticides, purifies the soil, and kills weeds
  • Adapts to most climates, and is ready to harvest in 120 days vs. years for trees, without the erosion and topsoil loss from logging
  • Yields 2-3 times more fibre per acre than cotton
  • Produces a stronger, softer, mildew-free fibre that lasts twice as long as cotton.

Did you know?

  • Hemp fiber imprints have been found in 10,000-year old pottery shards in China
  • Hemp so important crop that, in the 1880s, the King of England offered Canadian settlers free seeds, and land, to grow hemp
  • Every part of the plant can be used to make something – like rope, paper, wax, resin, fuel, paint, oil and cloth
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed on hemp paper
  • In 1937, Henry Ford designed a car made of hemp plastic that was fueled by hemp ethanol
  • Hemp cloth was used in the original Levis jeans
  • Thanks to advocacy efforts by Manitoba Harvest co-founders, previously misunderstood industrial hemp was legalized in Canada in 1998. It is still illegal to grow hemp in the US.





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