Picnic Platters the Whole Family Will Love

June 2021 - Nutrition

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and best of all—picnic season is officially here! I think many of us are itching to spend as much time outdoors as possible right now, and packing a picnic to take along means that you can stay at the park, playground, or beach for hours!

The best kinds of picnics, in my opinion? The ones that require zero actual cooking, involve minimal prep, and make the whole family happy. And better yet? Ones that don’t require utensils! If you’ve not already converted to platter-style picnics, you must. A big divided container with a snap-on lid is a total game changer. You prep everything at home, stick to finger foods mostly, fill the container to the brim, pop the lid on, and you’re ready to go! One container (and maybe a spoon), and done.

Falafel, Pita and Fixings
Soft pita bread, falafel bites from the deli, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs, plus the most delicious hummus and toum–a Lebanese garlic sauce–make for the perfect picnic feast! Take the meal to the next level with the addition of Lebanese pickled vegetables. So, so good.

Crackers and Cheese
A classic! You just can’t go wrong with crackers and cheese, can you? Try a couple of different kinds of crackers, a hard cheese and a soft cheese, crunchy grapes, delicious pickles, and maple nuts. Perfection.

Mini Sandwiches
Pair fresh baguette slices with all of your favourite sandwich toppings: deli slices, bacon, cheese, lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, avocado, tomato slices—whatever you like! Add some fresh orange slices and maybe a spread, and you’ve got a delicious lunch.

Muffins and Fruit
Great for any time of the day, but especially perfect for a breakfast picnic! Grab some muffins, a melon, berries, grapes, and some granola and/or granola bites, and you’re set. Chop everything up at home, take along your favourite coffee or tea, and enjoy!

Jen Kossowan is a kindergarten and grade one teacher and mama of two gorgeous kiddos. She’s passionate about play, loves a good DIY project, and can most often be found in her kitchen whipping up recipes that taste delicious while meeting her crunchy mama criteria. She started Mama.Papa.Bubba. on a whim in 2010 while living in the Middle East and has been sharing her recipes and activities there ever since.

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Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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