Eating Like a Cave Man?

May 2017 - Health & Wellness

While the paleo diet is right on trend, says Naturopathic Doctor Jason Marr, it may not be done right—or be right for everyone.

The paleo diet is based on the idea that we should eat closer to what our biological systems were originally designed for in Paleolithic times—more protein, fat, and plant-based foods, and no dairy or grains. But it’s not just about what you should­—and should not—eat. It’s also about ratios and amounts.

“Many people focus on the part about eating tons and tons of protein, and miss the part about getting enough healthy fats, more fibre, and more plant-based foods than anything else, for high levels of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These are what make it an anti-inflammatory, alkaline-forming diet that balances blood sugar well, and manages weight. If you pay attention, your body will quickly tell you if you are doing it right.”

A Passing Fad?
“I consider the Paleo Diet a fad because in three years we’ll hear about a new thought process on how we should be eating. All diets ignore the fact that we are unique individuals, and have different ways of metabolizing and absorbing nutrients. Not everyone is going to do well on every diet.

“There are lab tests we can now do to determine, down to your DNA level, what your body is designed to do—if there are certain forms, types, or ratios of food you need, or particular forms of vitamins.”

The takeaway? Listen to your body, and observe what changes happen when you eat certain foods—and always consult a professional to make sure you do the right thing for your unique body.

Dr. Jason Marr is the Founder and Director of Evoke Integrative Medicine Ltd., a multi-disciplinary and integrative medical clinic in downtown Vancouver, BC.

Article was published in The Good Life Magazine.

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