Bliss Tea Kombucha Now on Tap at Nature’s Fare Markets

June 2016 - Nutrition

Naturally bubbly, refreshing and oh-so-good for you, Bliss Tea Kombucha is now ‘on tap’ at Nature’s Fare Markets in Kelowna.

Passions run high for small-batch, artisanal Kombucha, people swear by its delicious taste and whole-body benefits.

“Just a ¼ to a ½ cup of pure Bliss Tea Kombucha daily gives you energy, makes your system more alkaline, boosts your digestive health – and it’s great for your skin,” says Bliss Tea founder Rhonda Dieni. “It makes you shine from the inside out.”

Made with a her secret blend of fair trade, organic black and herbal teas, and organic raw cane sugar (25% less than other kombuchas on the market), each batch is enlivened with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast; and fermented for two to four weeks until the sugar and caffeine are eaten up.

The result is a tangy, refreshing drink, alive with raw probiotics and enzymes.

Kelowna-based Dieni started making Bliss Tea to ‘clean up her body’ while pregnant. In the process, she launched a new business, honouring a 2000-year old Chinese tradition.

“It was called the ‘Elixir for Mortality’” she explained, “because it’s so good for you – for anyone, at any age.”

Choose your floral Hibiscus or crisp Ginger Bliss, in 4 oz. and 6oz. shots, at Nature’s Fare Markets, everyday.

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