10 Minute Healthy Grocery Store Dinners

January 2017 - Nutrition

I’m a planner. But even the most organized people (including yours truly) have days when dinner sneaks up and a big fat NOTHING is on the menu! Ugh, the panic!

Instead of reaching for the takeout menu, why not hit the grocery store for some quick ingredients that you can throw together faster than the delivery guy can get to your door? I’ve rounded up ten of my favourite go-to quick meals found at Nature’s Fare Markets. I appreciate that they truly care about the products they put on their shelves, and strive to provide local, organic, and healthier options wherever possible. It makes navigating the shelves MUCH simpler when you’re in a rush! If you are really pressed for time, their deli section is stocked with ready-made options to grab and go, that are all great choices. I often stop in for lunch when running around town and am never disappointed.

Frozen foods have earned a bad reputation (many well-deserved), but some frozen foods are in fact super healthy and great to keep on-hand! Our freezer, fridge, and pantry are always stocked with a few staples to set us up for success:

Top 5 Freezer Items:

  1. frozen veggies (not in a sauce)
  2. frozen veggie burgers
  3. frozen individually wrapped fish
  4. whole wheat tortillas, buns, and pitas
  5. frozen chicken thighs OR vegan meat alternatives

Top 5 Pantry Items:

  1. canned beans (best to buy the type that have no BPA in the lining)
  2. dried falafel mix
  3. brown rice and pasta
  4. canned diced tomatoes and prepared tomato sauce
  5. good-quality salad dressing and salsa

Top 5 Refrigerated Items:

  1. extra firm tofu (has a long shelf life and is so versatile!)
  2. bagged washed greens
  3. hummus
  4. tomatoes and red peppers
  5. eggs

Check out my Ten Simple 10-Minute Healthy Meal Ideas for some quick and healthy option when you just dont have the time.

Cooking With Fraiche Nutrition

Tori is a Registered Dietitian and self-proclaimed foodie. Her nutrition philosophy embraces moderation and quality without deprivation. She started up Fraîche Nutrition on a whim in August 2014, inspired to help share her love of food and educate others on simple healthy eating at the same time. Tori believes that food and nutrition has become overly complicated, and hopes to help others live healthier lives one wholesome recipe at a time.

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