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December 2018 - Natural Home

Winter is the season of cozy blankets, comfy socks, and warm baths! It can also be the season of joint pain, dry skin, and all over bone aching.

Being active in the winter can be hard, especially if your body is not adjusting to the weather as it should be. I personally am a huge bath girl, and have been since I was little. Our entire family is, for that matter—you would think we have one of those big jacuzzi tubs… maybe in our dreams!

Himalayan Bath Salts
This winter season I am turning my attention to the much talked about Himalayan Bath Salts! When I first started using bath salts I didn’t do much research on them. Honestly, I thought they were just something fun to use in the bath that smelled great, but there is more to it! These salts are unique and beneficial for so many reasons. The main benefit is they help to detoxify your body and energy field, releasing the negative toxins and energy into the bath water. Simultaneously, the 80 minerals and elements in the salts help to reduce inflammation in the body by enhancing blood circulation. The reduced inflammation helps to relieve tight muscles and joint pains, and may even aid in the relief of arthritis.

If you are looking for a relaxing solution to the winter blues, or would like some relief from joint pain this season, the Relaxus Himalayan Bath Salts have been a go-to for me! It’s best to take your bath at night so the minerals can absorb into your body and provide you with a nice calming sleep. My favourite smell is Lavender for extra calming, as the holiday season is upon us!

Himalayan Bath Salts

Well Salted
How to use Himalayan salts in your bath so they can reach their maximum potential:

  1. Don’t use soap in your bath (including shampoo)!
  2. Don’t wash the salt water off after your bath—let it absorb into your skin.
  3. Keep the bath water as close to your body temperature as possible for the pH levels and elements to best be released.

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Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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