3 Steps to Green Your Beauty Routine

April 2021 - Natural Home

We all know the toxins that are hiding in many of our everyday items and maybe you have taken the initiative to use non-toxic products in your kitchen, fridges, and cleaning (great job!), but what about your beauty products? For some, this transition can seem like a daunting one filled with many what ifs and not really knowing where to start. Like any new habit, we are not recommending an all or nothing approach that has you emptying your entire cosmetic drawer into the trash and starting fresh with new items (that does sound daunting and a bit scary). We are suggesting taking a three-step approach in reaching the goal of having a toxin-free cosmetic and personal care routine.

Add one at a time.
Just like we learned with cleaner eating and trying to add in one new fruit or veggie each week, we suggest adding in one cleaner personal care item at a time. Start with something that has the most impact like body wash or lotion (it has the largest body coverage so also the most impact).

Use it up and switch it out.
As you use up each conventional product, commit to replacing it with a non-toxic, safer version. This allows you to make a seamless swap with the new item and work it into your routine. Before you know it you will have transitioned to a full line of cleaner products.

Reach out for help. Get to know your skin and products.
As you explore new products, it is the perfect time to learn more about natural products, your skin type, and what it needs to glow. Take the time to speak with our staff, try some samples, and really work on making a product routine that is uniquely your own.

Remember that your skin is your largest organ and acts like a giant sponge; anything you put on you ends up in you, so working toward a healthier you includes transitioning to safer personal care products. Also, rest in knowing that natural skin care and make-up has come a very long way and often outperforms conventional products. Take the three-step challenge and let us know what new and amazing products you add to your routine.

This article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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